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A stage win and a 3-4 for X Rally Team in Desafio Inca

Com vitória nas dunas do Peru, irmãos Baumgart fecham Desafio Inca em terceiro e quarto lugar

After winning the Rally dos Sertões for the third consecutive time with the Ford Rangers, the X Rally Team travelled to Peru to race in the Desafio Inca. The challenge consisted in a 3-day and 950-km race through the heavy dunes of the Ica Desert, a place that will host most of the 2019 Dakar stages in January. The Brazilian Team, which raced among the UTVs with two Can-Am Maverick X3 prepared by South Racing, finished the competition in positions three and four.

Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti, current Sertões champions, were the third-placed crew with a stage win, while Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea finished fourth.

“It was a completely new world to us. To race through the dunes, we had to learn everythin from scratch, including the UTV, since we had been racing with cars so far. I must say that it was an extremely positive experience, and with it we can start the Dakar with a little more experience and knowing much more about the surfaces we will face here in January”, highlighted Cristian Baumgart.

His brother Marcus, fourth in the T3 class among the UTVs, shares the same view. “It is all different. Driving, navigation... It is not the same as we were used in the Brazilian cross country. The level of the drivers was high and we had to learn to race through the dunes and to get used to the UTV. Our performance was really good, and a positive experience targeting the Dakar”.