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Dispute? Baumgart brothers rule out any kind of rivalry and focus on partnership

Disputa? Irmãos Baumgart descartam qualquer tipo de rivalidade e focam em parceria

Anyone who has had the opportunity to observe the support park of the X Rally Team for some time soon realizes the family atmosphere. But how is this family story when the two brothers on the team are competing for the title of the biggest rally in the Americas minute by minute? The equipment is the same, the structure is the same, the distances are the same and the times are very close. After four rounds, Marcos Baumgart/Kleber Cincea are 1min26s ahead of Cristian Baumgart/Beco Andreotti. In the number of specials won, Marcos has got three, and Cristian one, plus the prologue.

This Friday morning (6), this dispute gained an extra spice: rain. With the precipitation that started earlier that morning, the organization decided to cancel the stage and all the competitors start moving to the next bubble, in Bacabal, Maranhão. With that, the decision of the title will stay on for Saturday (7), between Bacabal and Barreirinhas, final destination of Sertões 2020.

The youngest of the brothers, Marcos makes a point of making it clear that there is no rivalry and that if it werent for Cristian, today he wouldnt be where he is. “One helps the other, one day I have a puncture and he helps, the other day its the other way around. If I have this evolution in my driving, he played a part in it ”, said the three-time Brazilian champion and South American champion. “They are fundamentals of our parents, if you want to be able to build something, it has to be together. This is true here in the rally, it is true in companies. Nobody does anything alone. This was passed on to us as a legacy ”, he concludes.

Even though not blood-related, the navigators live with the brothers so much that they all treat each other as brothers. Kleber Cincea, Marcos co-driver, says there is nothing better than disputing a title with teammates. “This fight between brothers is really cool! It is like a family, if Cristian and Beco win we are very happy and the same is true of them. So if I have to dispute someone and I can choose who, it will always be with them. This is the best of all worlds, ”says Kleber. “There, inside the trail, everyone does their best, helps each other if necessary and we will fight. But if it is to lose to someone, let it be for Cristian and Beco ”.

“I dont care who it is, if its brother, cousin, father, we are taking them down,” joked Beco Andreotti when he heard our question. “Now seriously. This dispute is complicated, I want to win, but I want them to win as well. I suggested for us to arrive in the same second and hundredth, but the regulation breaks with the lowest number, so there is no use. We still have another day to race, but if they win I will be very happy. It will be a great dream come true, I have already realized that dream three times and they also deserve it ”, said the three-time champion and manager of X Rally Team.

For the three-time driver, the rivalry does not exist, but neither will it alleviate to facilitate the path to his brothers first title. “There is no such rivalry with my brother. He has evolved a lot and if he does his best, he takes Sertões. Im rooting for him, but I already told him that I wont let it go. If he wants to win, he will have to accelerate, nothing will fall on his lap, ”said the Sertões champion in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions.

This Friday (6) the caravan goes straight to the second of the three cities that will receive the competition in the state of Maranhão. Leaving the bubble in Carolina, the competitors will travel approximately 700km to reach Bacabal (MA).

Result of the fourth stage of Sertões 2020 between Palmas (TO) and Carolina (MA):


1. # 303 Marcos Baumgart / Kleber Cincea, 3h36min53s

2. # 304 Cristian Baumgart / Beco Andreotti, 18s

3. # 301 Lucas Moraes / Kaique Bentivoglio, at 1min43s

4. # 312 José Hélio / Lauro Sobreira, 2min36s

5. # 315 Sylvio de Barros / Rafael Capoani, 4min30s


Overall result of Sertões after five stages:


1. # 303 Marcos Baumgart / Kleber Cincea, 4:44:14 PM

2. # 304 Cristian Baumgart / Beco Andreotti, 1min26s

3. # 315 Sylvio de Barros / Rafael Capoani, 28min57s

4 .. # 301 Lucas Moraes / Kaique Bentivoglio, 29min20s

5. # 317 Thiago Rizzo / Leo Magalhães, at 49min02s