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Another victorious weekend for X Rally Team

Fim de semana de vitória, bons testes e sucesso ao X Rally Team

Last weekend was a successfull one for Brazil’s X Rally Team. The organization built their own NWM-based Ford Ranger V8 4x4, won for the third consecutive time – second 1-2 in a row -, this time at the Cuestas Off Road rally in the city of Botucatu, Brazil. At the same time, the current Sertões champions Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti scored a podium with a third place in the Battlefields 400 in South Africa.

In Brazil, Marcos Baumgart/Marcelo Haseyama and Gunter Hinkelman/Fabio Pedroso were the crews responsible for taking the second 1-2 consecutive in the domestic season. Third win in a row for Marcos.

“The rally in Botucatu was long, very fast and with lots of different kinds of jumps. It was another succesfull test with our car, because in the previous rounds we put the car to the limit on mud, and then in the dunes. Now, we could see what the equipment is capable of over the jumps. It is really tough, realiable and fast”, highlights Marcos.

In Gunter’s opinion, the Brazilian-built prototypes showed once again what they are capable of. “It was a fast rally, and we could see how the car reacted to so many jumps in the way. Despite a flat tyre on day one, we played the hunters and day two was perfect to close with a second place with the Ford Ranger”, he said.

X Rally Team is already back to their workshop in São Paulo working. They have still one X Rally Team-built Ford Ranger V8 4x4 available for the Rally dos Sertões, from August 18th to 26th.

Battlefields 400 – Champions in the Rally dos Sertões in 2016 and 2017, Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti were in South Africa to race at the Battlefields 400. With the NWM-built Ford Ranger V8 4x4, the Brazilian duo was third in the T1 class (fourth overall).

“It was a great experience. The terrain here is so tough, hard to drive, and put cars and drivers to their limits. We learned a lot in this race”, told Andreotti. “At a certain point of the stage, we were capable to fight for victory with Lance Woolridge until we had a puncture. In general, it was really great and we could see that the Woolridges are so fast in their terrain. We have to push more, to go for the limit”, Cristian pointed.