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On the fifth day of Sertões, another X Rally Team victory

No quinto dia de Sertões, mais uma vitória da X Rally Team

Sertões 2020 opened its fifth day of competition this Thursday (5), leaving Palmas (TO) and arriving in Carolina (MA). Of the five days, four specials were played (the third was canceled due to bad weather) and all of them had the winning X Rally Team with their Toyotas Hilux IMA. In todays one, the three-time double champion of Sertões did the best. Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti completed the 227km special stage in 3h37min08s, just 5 seconds faster than competition leaders Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea, who are looking for the first title of the biggest rally in the Americas. The São Paulo team closes the top-3 in the accumulated with Sylvio de Barros and Rafael Capoani, who compete with the NWM / X Rally Ranger.

Marcos highlighted the variety of challenges in the days special. “Today there was everything: sand, rain, smooth, fast, stone, erosion… a lot of dust. It was a special fast, very pleasant and with a bit of dust from UTVs, but thats part of the race. Lets go ahead, there are two more days ”, said what the second half did today and remains in the lead of the competition.

“Everything you could imagine had on todays special, but there was a lot of mud. In the final part we were very fast and very close to Lucas (Moraes), but I was unable to overtake because of the dust. There were a lot of UTVs, I think we spent more than ten UTVs on the stretch", said Cristian, who is just 1min03s behind the leader.

Now there are only two days until the end of Sertões 2020 and the pressure starts to get bigger. Knowing how to manage the results will be the great challenge for the team from São Paulo. The difference between first and fourth place is 28min58s and what may seem like a long time in the rally is relatively little.

This Friday (6) the caravan leaves for the second of the three cities that will receive the competition in the state of Maranhão. Leaving the bubble in Carolina, the competitors will travel 741km to get to Bacabal (MA) ,. Of this total, 128km will be for initial displacement, 300km of timed stretch and another 313km for final displacement.