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Third place for Baumgart/Cincea in Botswana

No rali mais difícil até agora, X Rally Team conquista o terceiro lugar

X Rally Team pairs have kept a sequence of podiums everytime they cross the Atlantic to compete in Africa. Last weekend was not different: Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea clinched a third place in the Desert Race 1000 in Botswana with the NWM-built Ford Ranger V8 4x4.

“The toughest rally of the year so far, without doubt. Long, heavy, demanding on the car and on the crew”, stated co-driver Kleber Cincea. “That was an excelente test for the Sertões, because we faced some stretches that were so difficult we don’t even see that kind of route in Brazil. It was na extremely tough race and because of that we were very happy to have finished on the podium”, continued Marcos.

In fact, that was a good run for the Brazilian duo following their preparation for the Sertões Rally in Brazil, from August 18th to 25th. “We tested all the upgrades in the car and they worked perfectly fine. We are sure we will have a great car in the Sertões as well”, said Marcos, who climbs back to the Ford Ranger V8 4x4 cockpit – this time in the prototype built by X Rally Team in São Paulo – for the fourth round of the Brazilian Cross Country Championship next weekend in Lajes, Santa Catarina.