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X Rally Team: performance and safety when competing

Seguranša alinhada com performance nos ralis

Aligned with performance and safety, Brazil’s X Rally Team made a step forward when it comes to safety while competing in the most difficult rallies in the national championships. The team has firmed a partnership with Emiliana Serbatoi, Italia’s leading supplier in fuel tanks and refuelling technology.

Safe and reliable, the tanks are made in polyethylene, resistant to temperature and pressure variations. “It was the missing asset to us as an organization”, states Beco Andreotti, X Rally’s Team Principal.

“Rallies are hostil environments. It’s different from permanent racetracks, where the teams suit themselves in an appropriate spot. In rally we assemble our own structures, so, having Emiliana Serbatoi as a partner supplying the fuel tanks confirms the professionalism and safety-concern we conduct our business”, he highlights.

For safe storage and fast refuelling, the product used in the team is the Carrytank 330, for 330 litres of gasoline.