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Sertões: X Rally Team wins another special stage with Marcos Baumgart / Kleber Cincea

Sertões: X Rally Team vence mais uma especial com Marcos Baumgart/Kleber Cincea

This Wednesday (4) the competitors were able to feel the adrenaline of accelerating again through the trails of the Sertões 2020. And the fastest pair to complete the 330km special was from the X Rally Team. Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea completed the stretch in 3h55min40s and took the lead in the competition. Leaders at the beginning of the day, Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti had a flat tire early in the race and also complications with the drivers side door, which did not close and remained so until km 218, when they managed to resolve with tie-up. Now the pair of car # 304 occupies the second place in the accumulated.

“It was a fast, long special and any problem you had could be a huge loss. We came in a constant touch, of course we get scared or the other, but nothing to abuse yet. We will leave to accelerate more when needed. But it was fast, very fast", said driver Marcos Baumgart, who is looking for his first title in Sertões overall.

Holder of three consecutive titles (2016/17/18), Cristian had problems, but still managed to end the day with the third best time and now occupies the second position in the overall standings. “We started and at the beginning we had a flat tire. When I left, the door would not close and my psychological force forced me to hold the door. Every corner the door opened, I had to hold ... and I still had to slow down, it was difficult, "said the three-time champion. “We were able to solve the problem on a radar that we had to stay for 15 minutes. I grabbed some tie-ups in Marcos car, fastened the door from the inside and there was another ride”, he added.

Sylvio de Barros and Rafael Capoani placed the NWM/X Rally Ranger in fifth place in todays special and occupy the third position in the overall accumulated, with 3min10s of advantage over the current champions Lucas Moraes/Kaique Bentivoglio.

Today was also a farewell day at Sertões. After an engine problem in the Mitsubishi X10, the pair formed by Pedro Prado and Patrick Prado (father and son) were forced to abandon the rally. The pair will follow the journey to Barreirinhas (MA) accompanying the team.

This Thursday (5th), the Sertões leaves Tocantins and goes to the fifth bubble, already in Maranhão. The fifth stage has 612km planned, being 337km of timed section, 103km of initial displacement and 172km of final displacement.