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Sylvio de Barros joins X Rally Team for 2018’ Sertões

Sylvio de Barros se junta ao X Rally Team para o Sertões

X Rally Team have confirmed their fifth duo to drive the Ford Ranger V8 4x4 in the 2018 Rally dos Sertões. Brazil’s most competitive cross country race starts on August 18th in Goiânia and crosses the line eight days later in Fortaleza, Ceará. Sylvio de Barros is the new asset to the team, bringing his experience and will to compete in the highest level.

With large off road experience, Barros is going to his 15th participation in the Sertões – he was the 1995 Production Bike champion. In 2017, the driver raced a Mini both the Dakar (18th position, 3rd best-placed rookie) and the Sertões (5th position) with co-driver Rafael Capoani.

Now, the driver from São Paulo joins the team that won the last two editions of the Sertões with Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti, besides Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cinea. “The sctructure they have is unbeatable in the Sertões. To whom is a entrepeneur, like I am, the logistic security they provide is fundamental to compete”, says the 51-year old competitor.

The Ford Ranger V8 4x4 was projected by South Africa’s Neil Woolrigdge Motorsports and built in partnership with X Rally Team. Barros will have the full spec 2018 version of the machine that won the Sertões two years in a row – with suspension upgrades and the new 5.0 V8 dual injection Mustang engine.

“The car is more adapted to the conditions in Brazil, terrain and temperature-wise. It is much better now, especially the suspension. The Mini had been a great option when it was above its competitors – but it doesn’t happen anymore. The Ford Ranger is in the same level – or even higher”, he points out.

The Sertões starts on August 18th, and Sylvio cannot wait to put his hands on the wheel. “I am very excited, counting the days to the first test with the car. Sertões is a difficult, high-pressure rally: last year Cristian and Beco did not make one little mistake whatsoever. So, if the car is reliable – as the Ford Ranger is – and if the crew does not make mistakes, it is halfway to the victory. It is going to be fun, because we have awsome drivers in the team. We have good chances”, Sylvio finished.