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X Rally team brings new sponsors

X Rally team reforça lista de empresas parceiras

Reinforcing its winning team status with the values of competitiveness, efficiency, safety and loyalty, the X Rally Team brings the contribution of important companies in its portfolio of sponsors in 2020: the tire manufacturer BFGoodrich and Rodobens, one of the largest business groups from the country.

Nothing is more natural for a team that is considered a reference for its organization and professionalism, in addition to the 20-year experience in off-road competitions, with three consecutive titles in the Sertões International Rally - and a fourth as a construction company -, joining forces with a of the great off-road icons. The X Rally Team team signed a sponsorship agreement with BFGoodrich, a leading tire manufacturer in the off-road segment and the brand with which the team won the 2018 Sertões.

“It is an honor and a huge responsibility, and being with a brand like BFGoodrich, of such representation in off-road competitions, is for us at X Rally Team one more incentive to continue our work with focus, passion and professionalism”, said Team Principal Beco Andreotti.

BFGoodrich is a pioneer brand. The first car to cross the United States from end to end, in 1903, used BFGoodrich tires. The companys experience goes beyond the off-road, having been the first to win the Indianapolis 500 for two years in a row (1914-1915); the brands tires fitted NASAs Columbia space shuttle.

In the off-road, more tradition and victories with six consecutive titles in the Dakar between 2002 and 2007 – the company won again in 2017 -, and clinched the World Rallycross Championship five times in a row, in addition to the 2018 Sertões won with the X Rally Team. It is the pioneer in the introduction of tires for all-terrain and off-road use. Today BFGoodrich has more than 200 victories in rallies and rally-raids, among which the famous Baja 1000, Dakar, Australasian Safari and Rally-Raids World Cup.

According to Adriana Shoshan, Director of Marketing for the brand, “the fantastic experience of competition tires from BFGoodrich allows products for everyday use to receive the technologies developed for the competition tracks”.

Rodobens, a business group in the automotive, financial and real estate sectors, will stamp its brand on the Toyota Hilux that will be driven by Cristian Baumgart/Beco Andreotti and Marcos Baumart/Kleber Cincea in the dispute for the largest rally in the Americas.

One of the 100 largest business groups in Brazil, Rodobens was considered in 2019 by “Você S/A” Magazine as one of the best companies in the country to work for. It acts as a financial institution, shared services center, new and used cars and trucks, commercial vehicles, consortia, leasing and rental, insurance, real estate, international business and communication.

“We share the same values, as a team that seeks constant improvement, working and renewing its processes with the ultimate goal of being recognized as a professional and winning team, without forgetting the human values that permeate our relations with employees, suppliers and partners ”, highlights Beco Andreotti, navigator three times champion of Sertões and head of the X Rally Team.

“Rodobens is in Sertões for the first time, alongside the X Rally Team, which brings together a track record of achievements in what is the most important Rally in the country. An event that is already part of the national calendar and very valuable for sports, breaking new ground with each new step, a common purpose that moves our companys business on a daily basis. The Hilux, which will be the model used by the team, is a robust car that performs very well for all occasions and adventures. We are sure that the team led by Beco Andreotti will achieve great results in this edition ”, said Rafael Dolabella, Rodobens Automobile Director.

The X Rally Team also brings the support of Vedacit, Sparco, Motul and STP.