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Renting or buying the X Rally Ford Ranger V8 4x4 T1 FIA
It is possible to buy or rent a cross country vehicle built and prepared by X Rally Team, use dor new. The rali cars can also be rent for individual rallies or for an entire season

X Rally Team built and prepare some of the best cross-country rally cars in Brazil. They are products with thousands of kilometers of testing and continuous development inside and outside the country. Our cars race in several rallies and are always in contention for victories.

Fast, reliable, winners, and built in Brazil. X Rally Team offers top quality equipment for rent or sale for customer drivers who wish to race with the T1 FIA Ford Rangers V8 4x4 built in X Rally Team’s headquarters in São Paulo. The cars can be custom-made with all the specifications detailed by the client.

Since the Prototype titles in the Sertões (2006 and 2016), and two T1 FIA titles in a row in 2016 and ’17, X Rally Team have proven their technical quality with the best team structure in Brazilian rally.

X Rally Team Ford Ranger V8 4x4 T1 FIA

Engine: Ford V8 5.0-litre, 350 hp
Torque: 56,0 kgfm
Gearbox: Sadev 6-speed sequential
Chassis: Tubular structure in steel and chrome-molybdenum
Bodywork: Fiberglass
Traction: 4x4 integral
Weight: 1.930 kg
Fuel Tank: 500 litres
Top Speed: 185 km/h
Suspension: Independent Front, Twin BOS Dampers / Antiroll Bar Rear