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Baumgart/Cincea fourth in South Africa

Dupla brasileira supera Fernando Alonso em rali na África do Sul

The goal of Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea when heading to South Africa to race at the Lichtenburg 400, the fifth and penultimate round of the SACCS – South African Cross Country Series – was to score a good result. They even joked saying the main target was to finish ahead of Fernando Alonso, who was making his debut in rallying.

The Brazilian crew notched up another solid performance and enjoyed a fault-free run throughout Lichtenburg 400 to finish fourth in the final results in the T-class (8th overall). Moreover, the two-time Brazilian champions finished the race in front of Alonso – 16th overall in the Toyota alongside Marc Coma.

"It is great to compete in the South African championship as the racing is very competitive and the routes are extremely challenging," Baumgart said. "The Lichtenburg race was very fast but we really enjoyed it, and NWM once again gave us a superb car. We look forward to coming back for the final event in November."

The SACCS season finale takes place in Parys, on the banks of the Vaal River, on 1 and 2 November 2019.