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X Rally squad in chase for Sertões fourth title

Em busca do quarto título, X Rally Team alinha verdadeiro esquadrão no Sertões


The 2019 Sertões starts this Sunday in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, to a journey taking competitors through a 4,8-thousand kilometers drive in the heart of Brazil to the finish line in Fortaleza, Ceará.

Reigning champions Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti will be once again inside the cockpit of the NWM Ranger V8 4x4 in which they won the last three editions of the Sertões. Along with the three-time champions, X Rally Team bring five more Rangers to contest for the title in the T1 Codasur and T1 Brazil classes.

“The cars are even faster this year and the competition is fiercer. From our side, we have been working harder building and updating our cars alongside Neil Woolridge Motorsports to fight for our fourth title”, says Cristian, who starts his 20th participation in the Sertões.

Cristian’s brother Marcos, two-time Brazilian champion, has been through a busy calendar racing both in the Brazilian and South-African championships alongside his long-time co-driver Kleber Cincea. “It is a great challenge and our preparation has been really good so far. In the Sertões the most important thing is to live day bay day. The goal is not to climb out of the car, do a clean race and see the final result”, he highlights.

In the third NWM Ranger is 2018’s runner-up Sylvio de Barros, who will have the Florianópolis-born co-driver Josiane Koerich. “The car is fantastic and even better than last year’s. I hope to have a great experience like I did in 2018 with the team”.

X Rally Team also built four more Rangers in Brazil for the T1 Brazil class. Mauro Guedes/Filipe Bianchini, Michel Terpins/Maykel Justo and rookie Fernando Rosset/Fabrício Bianchini will drive, each pairing, a X Rally Ranger; the fourth prototype stands with Lucas Moraes/Kaique Bentivoglio in the MEM Motorsport Team, with X Rally’s consultance.

There will be the Prologue and Super Prime on Saturday, and then the rally takes off to the adventure. There will be eight days, a marathon stage and a total of 4,8 thousand kilometers.

Roteiro Sertões 2019 – 24/08 a 01/09

24/08 – 
Prólogo/Super Prime – Campo Grande (MS)

1ª etapa – 25/08
Campo Grande (MS) - Costa Rica (MS)
Trecho Cronometrado – 415 km
Total: 487 km

2ª etapa – 26/08
Costa Rica (MS) - Barra do Garças (MT)
Trecho Cronometrado – 530 km
Total: 639 km

3ª etapa – 27/08
Barra do Garças (MT) - São Miguel do Araguaia (GO)
Trecho Cronometrado – 420 km
Total: 727 km

4ª etapa – 28/08
São Miguel do Araguaia (GO) - Porto Nacional (TO)
Trecho Cronometrado – 277 km
Total: 571 km

5ª etapa – 29/08 – MARATONA
Porto Nacional (TO) - São Félix do Tocantins (TO)
Trecho Cronometrado – 300 km
Total: 435 km

6ª etapa – 30/08
São Félix do Tocantins (TO) - Bom Jesus (PI)
Trecho Cronometrado – 540 km
Total: 542 km

7ª etapa – 31/08
Bom Jesus (PI) Crateús (CE)
Trecho Cronometrado – 320 km
Total: 941 km

8ª etapa – 01/09
Crateús (CE) - Aquiraz (CE)
Trecho Cronometrado – 30 km
Total: 405 km

Total da Prova: 4.887,59 km
Total Cronometrado (Especiais): 2.858,46 km