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An extra challenge for X Rally

X Rally Team enfrenta desafio extra nos dias finais do Sertões

“Getting into the Jalapão is easy. Difficult is to get out of there”. Cristian Baumgart’s statement sumes up most of the competitors feelings after Sertões day 6. Leading the race, Cristian and Beco kept a good pace until the crew rolled after hitting a ditch due to the poor visibility caused by the UTVs dust.

“We could not see a thing, and the sun had already set. Some UTV crews helped us to get back into the race, but we lost precious time – about 40 minutes”, said Cristian. Overall lead came to the hands of Lucas Moraes and Kaique Bentivoglio in the X Rally built Ford Ranger V8.

Baumgart and Andreotti have only two days and 340 kms to try to retake the lead. Day seven is 320 kilometers long in a total of 940 with the liasons. “Sertões is unpredictable. Let’s try and see what happens next”, he finishes.

Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea kept the third place overall.